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Identity Theft

If you’re worried that someone is using your personal information to get credit, goods, or services under your name then you should read this blog and learn about what recovery steps you should take to determine if you’re the victim of identity theft. 1. Review Your Consumer Credit Reports You can find out the extent […]

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AUTO ACCIDENT … If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, you are probably overwhelmed with medical, employment and insurance problems and you need help sorting it all out.Read More… … You need to hire a good car accident lawyer who can help you recover losses for injuries, loss of wages, replacement services and […]

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Many times Dog attacks on innocent people occur because the owners are not responsible enough to keep their dogs under control. When this happens Michigan law provides a remedy to the victim of such dog attacks. If you are confronted by an aggressive dog, the most important thing to remember to stay calm and try […]

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Slip and Falls Cause more Injuries and Deaths than Car Accidents

You wouldn’t think that a simple slip and fall could result in a serious injury. Well think again.  Slips, trips and falls just a few feet to the ground can result in very serious injuries and sometimes death. Remember Dr. Atkins? Famous people who died in slip and falls. In fact, there are more injuries from […]

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1 Has your Debt been sold to a Debt Buyer?

Has your Debt been sold to a Debt Buyer? Encore Capital Group, Inc. (ECG) is headquartered In San Diego, Calif. Its subsidiaries are Midland Funding LLC, Midland Credit Management (MCM), and Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. (AAC). Together, they form the nation’s largest debt buyer and collector. 1 in 5 consumers who have a debt that […]

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