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2 United Recovery Systems – Stop Getting Harassed by This Collection Agency

United Recovery Systems, “URS”, is a collection agency headquartered in Houston, TX and operating out of several offices in the southwest U.S. and Mexico. When credit card companies, retailers, and other businesses find it difficult to collect on monies owed them, they sometimes seek the services of collectors like United Recovery Systems. A company with […]

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Stop Being Bullied By Debt Collectors

A recent report by CNN ( showed that tactics used by some debt collection agencies can range from misleading and deceptive, to intimidating, threatening, and even downright frightening. You may not be aware that all of these methods are viewed pretty much the same by the courts – THEY ARE ILLEGAL! The law has strictly […]

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3 How to document a TCPA violation

How to document a TCPA violation How to Document COLLECTION & TELEMARKETER HARASSMENT The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) The FDCPA is a federal consumer protection law that regulates the collection industry. It requires collection agencies to pay consumers actual and statutory damages, plus attorney fees for violations. Debt Collectors Violate the Federal Law […]

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