Consumer Law

By any measure, the past decade has not been a particularly good one for consumers. We have seen banks and other financial institutions turn consumer's homes and wealth into straw, credit reporting agencies turn consumer financial privacy into a money making mill for themselves and debt collectors and their collection "lawyers" who use our overwhelmed local courts into securing judgments based on usurious interests rates and debt buyer’s earning 2000% on their investment.

We have two experienced attorneys who have been handling debt and credit related legal issues and consumer bankruptcy cases for over 20 years. Before resorting to filing a bankruptcy, we first confirm with our clients whether they even need to file bankruptcy. Often times our clients have legal defenses to debts like the statute of limitations, sewer service, or invalid assignment to debt buyers. If they have legal defenses, we’ll fight the collectors in state court and sometimes avoid bankruptcy altogether.

We also screen all of our clients for potential claims they may have against abusive creditors and debt collection agencies. These Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) consumer claims often result in quick settlements. Sometimes we’re able to settle the debt as part of actual damages. Other times we obtain statutory damages which more than cover the legal expenses of filing bankruptcy. 
If our clients have to file bankruptcy, we have also secured great results for our clients on discharge violations. For example, we have settled numerous discharge violation cases and have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients!

So keep us mind when your family and friends need advice on debt related problems. We’re there to help.
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