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Obtain A Fresh Financial Start & Regain Control Over Your Life!

Do your bills keep adding up, leaving you feeling hopeless?

Well you’re not alone; millions of Americans are experiencing similar circumstances. We make it our priority to help people like you that need us the most! Each case is unique, personal and confidential and is treated as so, to avoid making you feel like your situation is not important.

Bankruptcy Still Works Under the 2005 Reform Law!

85% to 90% of people are still eligible for bankruptcy. In fact, for most clients there is more debt relief under the new law to stop foreclosures, tax levies, judgments and garnishments. “You can still stop Creditors and Debt Collectors Cold!”

Filing Bankruptcy is Easy
We have made it our business to understand Michigan bankruptcy law and to help you make smart decisions. We have been helping people with bankruptcy problems since 1991. We can help you get back on your feet so you can get on with your life.

Why Are We Different?
Don’t be fooled by fly by night debt consolidation companies that just want your money and will waste your time. We strongly recommend that you consult an attorney for the real facts on filing Chapter 7 & 13 protection soon. When working with Rex you can feel assured that Rex Anderson, PC. is well qualified to handle your case.

  • We specialize in Consumer Bankruptcy cases.
  • Rex Anderson PC has successfully completed thousands of  bankruptcy cases.
  • We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the consumer bankruptcy cases.
  • Our law firm is well qualified to handle your bankruptcy case.
  • Rex Anderson has completed the O Max Gardner Bankruptcy Litigation Model Boot Camp to better serve his consumer clients’ needs.
  • As a result, of our training and long history of experience, we specialize in difficult bankruptcy litigation including adversary proceedings in which creditors attempt to prevent our client’s discharge or exempt certain debts from discharge.
  • We incorporate the arrows of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, the Michigan Collection Practice Act , the Fair Credit Reporting Act , and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in our quiver of offensive strategies to put money damages in your pocket  as well as making the debt collectors and creditors pay our attorney fees.
  • We specialize in “Bankruptcy Discharge violations and Fair Credit Reporting Act violations.” We go after unscrupulous creditors who sell your discharged debts to Debt Buyers for pennies on the dollar. These “zombie debts” show up on your credit reports at just the time you decide to re-finance your home or purchase a new car.  See the attached brochure removed from a huge Debt Buyer’s web site in April 2010. It advertises the sale of Chapter 7 discharged debt. Now … Why would anyone want to buy debt discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ??? Brochure Before Removal / Brochure After Removal
  • FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY …You are not a “dollar bill” going through a revolving door at our law office. We want to be your point of contact for every legal matter that you might have. We want to be your lawyers for life.  If we can’t help you we will get you to a competent lawyer who can.

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