Documents Clients Should Keep

Please list the following and keep up to date:

  1. All Incident/Accident/Police Reports available;
  2. All Hospital and/or Emergency Room Reports;
  3. All Medical Records available;
  4. All Treating Doctors/Facilities – addresses and phone numbers;
  5. Insurance Policy – claim number, address and phone number;
  6. All Insurance Billing;
  7. All Medical Billing;
  8. All Medications Prescribed;
  9. All Disability/Off Work Slips;
  10. Name and address of Defendant;
  11. All Witnesses for Liability and Damages – addresses and phone numbers;
  12. Log All Services Rendered for Tasks that you were unable to Perform;
  13. Diary of all Pain and Suffering experienced;
  14. Mileage Log


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