Debt Collectors Violate the Federal Law When They:

  • Call you at work despite you or your employer’s  requests to stop.
  • Call you at home despite your requests to stop.
  • Make abusive or harassing phone calls to you.
  • Talk to others about your debt.
  • Add unauthorized collection charges.
  • Threaten you with criminal prosecution or reporting to Internal Revenue Service.
  • Threaten you with garnishment unless they already have a judgment against you.
  • Do not state the exact amount of the debt in initial demand letters.
  • Insist on payment within less than 30 days of their initial demand letter.
  • Bad debt buyers attempting to collect old debts they cannot substantiate.
  • Fail to notify you of your right to ask that they verify the debt they are collecting.
  • Fail to give you a written notice of the debt within five days after you are first contacted.


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