Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

Recently, the U.S. Postal Service released its list of the Top 25 U.S. Cities in dog attacks on postal workers for 2011. Detroit, Michigan tied for number 15 with 25 attacks in 2011.

We have represented numerous postal workers for these types of injuries. Genesee and Lapeer counties also have numerous dog attacks every year. Flint, Michigan is notorious for its pit bull dogfights used for gambling. Pit bulls used in dogfights are among the most dangerous dogs involved in attacks on humans.

These animals are mistreated, tortured and trained to be vicious. When they get loose, they are an extreme threat to all those who cross their paths. Unfortunately, these dog owners are often uninsured and the dog attack victims go uncompensated.

However, sometimes the landlords of these dog owner tenants will admit to having notice of these vicious dogs being on their premises. In such cases, the victims may receive compensation for the medical costs and emotional and physical scarring of having been viciously attacked by one of these animals.

If you’ve been a victim of a dog attack, please call the office of Rex Anderson, P.C. at 810-653-3300 or grab our FREE report 31 Ways To Protect Yourself From A Dog Bite. We specialize in litigating animal attack cases and will fight to bring you justice.

Collaborative Writing by Rex C. Anderson, Esquire and Contributing Research/Writing by Kellye S. Smith


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