Judgment Against Professional Recovery Associates For Wildly Unprofessional Behavior

Recently, Rex C. Anderson obtained a judgment in favor of his clients against Professional Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA) for their repeated violations of the Fair Debt Collection Act (FDCA). The facts in this case are both unsettling and alarming. PRA abused and harassed an elderly couple who did not even owe PRA any money. They were the debtor’s parents and PRA called them hundreds of times despite the 40 something year old son had not lived with them for 20 years. PRA’s own records show that they blasted the parent’s home phone hundreds of times with an automated telephone dialer, despite their repeated requests to PRA to stop calling them.

PRA ignored these requests even though they knew the debtor did not live with his parents. Not only were these calls annoying, inconvenient and frustrating for the parents, these calls disrupted the family relationship and caused bad feelings between the child and his parents. PRA’ collections calls exacerbated the mother’s chronic Parkinson and Sjögren's autoimmune diseases. Causing tension and distress within the family unit is a deliberate strategies that PRA, and other collection companies like it, systematically employ in its attempts to collect debts from consumers. This type of collection calling campaign is effective and will drive most consumers to beg, borrow or steal to make it stop.

It also demonstrates a total lack of consideration and empathy for families going through difficult economic times. Yet it is hardly surprising behavior coming from these apex profit driven collection agencies who are using every mechanism and technological advancement available to collect debts.

Even after our clients filed a claim against PRA for their harassing and illegal behavior, PRA continued warlike behavior. During a lawsuit, attorneys are allowed to receive certain relevant information from the other party. Rather than allowing this office to receive information that plaintiffs were entitled to in order to advocate for our clients, PRA resisted all efforts. PRA cancelled set appointments with little-to-no notice; they filed motions at the very end of the waiting period, just to delay the proceedings. Rather than sit down and discuss a possibility of a fair and equitable settlement PRA employed various tactics to delay the settlement litigation process.

Unsurprisingly, Rex Anderson was appalled by the actions and behaviors of PRA and their attorneys and took steps to protect the rights of his clients. With each intentional delay of the litigation or settlement proceedings, Mr. Anderson responded by filing motions and thereby notifying the court of the unconscionable actions of PRA. While settlements are often beneficial to both parties in an action, when one party acts in blatant disregard for the law and rules of civil procedure, stronger action needs to be taken. Rex Anderson recognized this and won a judgment against PRA for the actions they took in this case. Rex Anderson is “THE Consumer Advocate,” if you are finding yourself in similar situation, with harassing and frustrating collection calls that will not stop, call the Law Office of Rex C. Anderson today to see how he will fight for your rights against debt collectors.


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