Lapeer Bankruptcy – Are You A Candidate For Bankruptcy

Lapeer Bankruptcy – Rex Anderson is a Lapeer Bankruptcy attorney who has helped people relinquish their debts and get on track to financial freedom.


Are You A Candidate for Lapeer Bankruptcy?


If you are only making minimum payments on your credit cards and you have saved nothing for retirement, then you are my favorite candidate for bankruptcy.

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. And if you're only making minimum payments – hoping perhaps to win the Lotto to get out of debt – that's just not realistic and it's causing you unnecessary stress.


A Fresh Start For You And Your Family


You need to start thinking about your future, and your family NOW! Bankruptcy is there to give an honest debtor a fresh start. It's not a crime to owe a debt, that keeps snowballing to a point where you'll be old and it still won't be paid off.

It's not your fault that creditors charge interest rates so high that they force you into bankruptcy. Creditors should be working with consumers – not jacking their interest rates through the roof and foreclosing on their homes. That's where a Lapeer bankruptcy lawyer can help.


Talk To A Lapeer Bankruptcy Lawyer


Atleast talk to one. Find out what your rights are. Find a lawyer who will give you a free consultation – what do you have to lose?


Credit Agencies and Your Discharged Debt


One thing that we do for our clients, is review their credit reports at no charge every year. If we find that one of your discharged debts has been purchased by a debt buyer, is being reported to the credit reporting agencies – we'll move the court to hold them in contempt to pay you damages plus our attorney fees.

I recently settled one of these cases for thirty thousand dollars.


Lapeer Bankruptcy


Lapeer Bankruptcy Attorney, Rex Anderson Can Help You


We've been practicing consumer lapeer bankruptcy law for over twenty years. And we know what we are doing. We can help you put that debt behind you. We can help you put an end to the collection calls, the lawsuits, the foreclosures and the garnishments.

And once we get that debt behind you, you can focus on rebuilding your credit and saving for the future.

So, let's get started.


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