The Luck of the Irish Runs Short for Drunk Drivers

St. Patrick’s Day, the day of Irish celebration and festivities, is just around the corner. No matter where you go this Saturday, you’ll find the sea of green before you, the smell of corned beef and cabbage in the air, and the taste of green beer on your lips. The second largest “party” day of the year, next to the day before Thanksgiving, proves that it’s not only the Irish who can enjoy a hardy celebration.


But with these types of holidays, comes a large amount of responsibility. Over the past few years, police have been cracking down on drunk drivers. Last year in 2011, 101 people were arrested in Michigan for drunk driving, according to the Michigan State Police. In 2010, Michigan passed a law that features harsher punishments for drunk drivers whose blood alcohol limit is over .16 and named it the “Super Drunk” law. The legal limit in Michigan is .08.  If caught driving super drunk, every possible fine and penalty will be increased. It adds up to 180 days to your possible jail time, doubles your driving suspension, and requires you to attend a mandatory alcohol treatment program for one year and doubles your possible fines. Of those 101 arrests last year, 34 of those were at super drunk levels.


With the weather being so warm this year, it’s easy to picture yourself drinking green beer in the sun all day. Just remember, the hangover will be a lot easier to handle at home rather than in jail.


Get a designated driver or line up a ride home with your local cab company. In Lapeer County, there is a great service by the name of LA Taxi – (810) 664-9100. Keep that number handy.


If you or someone you know makes a bad decision this St. Patrick’s Day and needs legal assistance, call Rex Anderson at (810) 653-3300. Rex can help advise you of your legal rights and get you headed in the right direction.


From all of us at Rex Anderson, P.C., have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day, 2012!


Collaborative Writing by Rex C. Anderson, Esquire and Contributing Research/Writing by Kellye S. Smith


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