Personal Injury and the Insurance Industry Giants

Most folks call Sam Bernstein or Lee Free when they find themselves seriously injured in a car crash, work place injury, animal attack or medical malpractice. I will give credit to Sam and Lee for great marketing and providing information to the public about their rights when they have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.

However, TV ads and billboards do not make you a better lawyer. When your future is at stake, you want a lawyer who is going to have the time and resources to devote to your case and who will be there to answer your questions every step of the way. You not only want a lawyer who will fight like a bulldog for you, but you want a lawyer you can trust and who you feel comfortable with. I have made it a cornerstone of my practice during the past 20 years to represent accident victims who are the underdogs when taking on the insurance industry giants.  It has not been easy for accident victims to get justice from insurance companies, corporations and hospitals ever since tort reform swept over Michigan back in 1995 under Governor’s Engler’s administration. Governor Engler not only managed to pass unfair laws disadvantaging working people and families but he also packed our Michigan State Supreme Court with the most biased and corporative Judges this state has ever seen. The Engler propaganda in support of tort reform advertised that our terrible economy was the fault of the greedy trial lawyers and their crybaby clients. Look at our economy now, almost 20 years after tort reform and you can see for yourself what a self-serving falsehood this was. Fact is, torts have never hurt the economy, only the insurance company CEO’s pocketbooks. On the other hand, trial lawyer have helped poor people get justice, forced manufacturers to make safer products and drugs, and force the tobacco industry to help foot the health care costs they profit from. A few years back, the University of Chicago Law School issued a study ranking the nation’s state supreme courts — and Michigan’s was dead last.

The study found that the Michigan Supreme Court was ridiculed for its decisions reversing decades of established and honored law in the most obvious and blatant political game this or any other state has ever seen.   The study found overwhelming evidence that the Michigan Supreme Court had become the puppet of the big Corporations and the Insurance Industry more so than any other court in the nation. Jurisprudence in Michigan had become an embarrassment because it was so obviously one sided and biased in its Supreme Court decisions.
That may not be surprising, because Michigan, unlike most states, chooses its Supreme Court justices through partisan elections. Though independents can run, the political parties normally nominate candidates for the highest court and the Incumbents almost always win.

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This year you can make a difference. You can vote for the third branch of our Great State of Michigan government and can help make sure that balance returns to our Supreme Court bench instead of 99% of the cases always decided in favor of the insurance companies.

See below which Judges I’m recommending that you vote for.  If you have questions research the candidates for yourself on the internet or feel free to call me.

Don’t leave the most important branch of government to be decided by corporate interests. Take part in restoring even handed justice to the State of Michigan.



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