Regaining your Privilege to Drive

The State of Michigan revokes driver’s licenses for people convicted on two or more DUIs. Upon being convicted, you must wait the imposed revocation time before you are eligible to file for an appeal hearing in front of the Secretary of State.

It is extremely helpful to have an experienced attorney who can help form a strategy to increase your chances of making your appeal to the Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD) successful. An attorney can assist in acquiring and proof reading the essential paperwork and file it with the DLAD, practice and prepare you to testify at your hearing, and help you gather evidence to support your current sobriety and your ability and commitment to maintain sobriety.

Attorney Rex Anderson has represented many clients who are seeking driver’s license restoration. Call Attorney Anderson today to schedule a free phone consultation at (810) 653-3300.

Collaborative Writing by Rex C. Anderson, Esquire and Contributing Research/Writing by Kellye S. Smith



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