Stop Debt Collector Harassment Grand Rapids Michigan

Are You Being Harassed by Debt Collectors in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Stop Debt Collector Harassment Grand Rapids MichiganIn this down economy, finances are tight. If you owe a consumer debt and want to stop debt collector harassment in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then you can put the debt collector at bay using the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

Violations Of The TCPA Are Widespread In The Collection Industry!

The most frequent violation by debt collectors is the prohibition on usage of automated dialing systems to call cell phones without the prior consent by the consumer. Leaving artificial voice messages are also prohibited.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment Dead In It's Tracks

A Grand Rapids Michigan TCPA Attorney Can Help Protect Yourself From Debt Collector's Harassing You.

A consumer may revoke their consent to have the creditor call a consumer's cell phone, even if it was listed on a lending application, by mailing a cease and desist letter to the creditor or debt collector by certified mail.

Following the creditors receipt of this letter, all calls made by an automated dialing system (or manually) to the consumer's cell phone are a violation of TCPA. The TCPA statute allows recovery of $500 to $1,500 per violation/call.


How To Tell If Debt Collectors Are Harassing You in Grand Rapids:

  1. They call you at work despite you or your employer's request to stop.
  2. Call you at home despite your request to stop.
  3. Abusive or harassing phone calls to you
  4. Talking to others about your debt.

Rex Anderson, a Grand Rapids Michigan TCPA Attorney, Will Help You Sue Abusive Debt Collectors!

Watch our video on how to stop debt collectors.


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