Weltman Weinberg Reis – A Demonstrated Pattern of Abuse

Rex Anderson has successfully litigated complaints and repeatedly won awards for clients who were unlawfully harassed by debt collectors. Usually, the violations of laws or guidelines governing legal collection practices were the result of a poorly trained collection agent, ignorance of proper collection protocol, or a combination of these and other factors. Still, the violations infringed on the protections provided by The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act to consumers, thus prompting the courts to award damages to our clients.

Sometimes, however, the violations are much less innocent. Some collectors systematically cross the line from being annoying or harassing, to become malicious, threatening, and predatory, because these tactics are often times more profitable to the collector.

One such collection agency is the law firm of Weltman, Weinberg and Reis.

Numerous complaints filed by consumers who have been targeted by this firm report practices that violate almost every legal and ethical boundary imaginable.

In a recent complaint filed by Rex, it was alleged that Weltman, et. al., possessed full knowledge that our client was not responsible for money owed on an automobile loan. When the car was declared a total loss by the insurance company, the finance company, Wells Fargo and the debt buyer were paid in full, because the owner had wisely purchased “gap” insurance at the time of financing. The gap insurance covered the full amount of the loan. Despite this, Wells Fargo harassed the consumer for six months before selling the debt to a debt buyer, Asset Acquisition Group, LLC. Asset Acquisition placed numerous harassing and abusive calls to our client’s mother’s telephone. Asset refused to stop calling even after they realized the mother was dying of a painful disease. Eventually, Asset hired the Weltman Law Firm to sue our client, even after receiving an insurance check paying them off in full.

During litigation, Weltman was made aware of these circumstances. But instead of responsibly investigating these claims and pursuing compensation from the rightfully obligated parties, WW&R refused to acknowledge our client’s freedom from responsibility for the debt and decided to press for payment anyway. Faced with a lawsuit for collection of a debt not owed (now artificially inflated to more than double the original claim by bogus interest charges and other “costs”), our client was forced to hire an attorney and prepare for trial. Yet, even when presented with full documentation by the attorney that the debt had by this time been satisfied by the gap insurance issuer, Weltman chose to ignore the evidence staring them in the face and proceed to trial.

When a judge finally had the opportunity to review the evidence, Weltman’s claims against our client were dismissed because they could not prove their case. Sadly, while this whole fiasco played out, our client was experiencing debilitating medical problems, as well as the illness and death of two family members. Our client and other family members incurred much inconvenience and expense to defend against this frivolous lawsuit. You can only imagine the unwarranted stress and anguish needlessly suffered because of the irresponsible actions of Weltman, Weinberg, & Reis.

Here are some examples of the distasteful, not to mention unlawful, actions alleged to have been taken by this firm, which have been filed in federal courts across the country.

  1. Attempts to collect debts that had been previously satisfied, despite having proof of payment delivered to them.
  2. Having bank accounts frozen, even when they had knowledge that the accounts were not subject to garnishment (such as funds from social security and disability income), and ignoring court orders to remove such blocks.
  3. Falsifying and fabricating documentation.
  4. Making excessive and harassing calls to relatives and employers.
  5. Providing false, erroneous, or misleading information to credit reporting agencies.

This list only touches on some of the practices employed by Weltman, Weinberg and Reis. But the kicker here is that this firm appears to resort to such underhanded dealings on a regular basis. There appears to be an established a pattern of continually wielding abusive and deceptive collection techniques to alter amounts owed and timeframes for payment, threaten phony or unenforceable consequences for non-compliance with their demands, and show a callous disregard for humans in general, preferring to place the acquisition of more money ahead of everything else, including the law.

 It certainly appears that Weltman, Weinberg and Reis care little about the truth and even less about your rights.

Rex Anderson has engaged in litigation against Weltman, Weinberg, and Reis, and can help you cut short any fraudulent or inaccurate claim they have made against you. You can reach Rex at:

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Collaborative Writing by Rex C. Anderson, Esquire and Contributing Research/Writing by Glenn D. Smith


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Northeast Lance Hdtv Classic - 5 years ago Reply

I had a US Bank loan on a vehicle. I fell 45 days behind. So i started getting calls from WW&R. I complied and started getting automatic withdraws from my bank account,, 300$ more per month that the original amount with US bank. So i have been payin them every month and they are telling me they want the balance. I love arguing with these people. Like why would they think i have 8k sitting that i can settle the debt with if i am fallin behind on 425 per month agreement? LMAO!!! So my question is, I am paying them every month,, can they still sue me? Doesnt seem legit to me. I am going to th PFCU and refinancing it thru them. These guys are extremely annoying.

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