In 2016 I hired Rex Anderson to defend me against a debt collection lawsuit. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT or NCT) sued me for $21,000.00. Many years ago I stupidly co-signed a student loan for a relative who left me holding the bag. Attorney Rex Anderson explained that NCT was a debt buyer who in many cases did not keep good records and often could not prove that they owned the debt or had legal standing to sue. He was right. He defended me very well. We ended up settling a $21,000.00 student loan debt which was non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. This debt was incurring double digit interest and Rex Anderson was able to settle this $21,000.00 debt for less than $6,000.00! Since that time, has expertly handled several cases for me. Mr. Anderson is very professional and knowledgeable. His experience and name are well known which means a lot. I would recommend Rex Anderson to my own mother! Thanks to Attorney Rex Anderson I can sleep again at night. 
Carol Jory 

About Rex Anderson PC

Our Mission Statement

My practice has been limited to representing consumers and injured persons in the State of Michigan since 1991. It is my goal to ensure that my clients have competent counsel and are afforded the utmost protection from the Insurance and Banking Industry lawyers. Toward this end, I have associated with attorneys who have specialized knowledge and competency which is unrivaled.
discharge violations, collection harassment and unscrupulous Insurance companies asserting frivolous defenses to legitimate claims.
We are networked with attorneys across the nation who have similar goals to our own. By sharing resources and working together through electronic list serves we have greatly enhanced the quality of our legal representation to our clients who have many different needs.
The cornerstone of our success is the quality relationships that we have maintained with our clients and our loyalty and tenacity to safeguarding the rights of injured persons and consumers with debt and credit related
We have made use of a full array of available consumer protection statutes which has enabled us to recover Millions of dollars for our clients who have been victimized by bad-faith lenders, inappropriate fees, issues.

Rex C. Anderson

Rex C. Anderson has practiced exclusively in Consumer Bankruptcy, Fair Debt Collection and Injury Litigation since 1991. Memberships include MichiganConsumer Law Section, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, National Association of Consumer Advocates, and Michigan Association for Justice.
These memberships allow Rex to network and co-counsel with the best consumer advocates in the country. Rex graduated from the Peter Barry Fair Debt Collection Boot Camp and the O Max Gardner Consumer Bankruptcy Litigation Boot Camp.
Rex has taught and written extensively on the consumer protection laws for consumers who owe debts or have filed for bankruptcy.
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"Bubba" the Bull Dog

In 1991, I graduated from the law school of the University of Detroit. I hung out my own shingle in Davison, Michigan. at the same time, I adopted "Bubba" an english bull dog puppy. He kept me company as I spent countless hours learning how to litigate against insurance companies and big corporations which often frivolously defended and sought to minimize my client‘s damages.
Through the years, Bubba was protective and showed me loyalty and a tenacious character which I felt same toward my own clients.
Bubba passed away in 2000 but he lives on in my memories and who I always fondly remember when the going gets tough. He was a good friend and an inspiration. God rest his soul. He‘ll be in heaven i‘m sure.



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