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In 2016 I hired Rex Anderson to defend me against a debt collection lawsuit. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust (NCSLT or NCT) sued me for $21,000.00. Many years ago I stupidly co-signed a student loan for a relative who left me holding the bag. Attorney Rex Anderson explained that NCT was a debt buyer who in many cases did not keep good records and often could not prove that they owned the debt or had legal standing to sue. He was right. He defended me very well. He ended up settling a $21,000.00 student loan debt which was non-dischargeable in bankruptcy less than $6000.00. This debt was incurring double digit interest. Since that time, has expertly handled several cases for me. Mr. Anderson is very professional and knowledgeable. His experience and name are well known which means a lot. I would recommend Rex Anderson to my own mother! Thanks to Attorney Rex Anderson I can sleep again at night. 
Carol Jory

Credit Collection Defense 

I have represented hundreds of consumers in collection defense cases against credit card debt buyers, Student Loan debt buyers such as NCSLT (National Collegiate Student Loan Trust) as well as credit card companies. I have been successfully in getting outright dismissals or sweetheart settlements that my client were thrilled with by litigating these cases and requiring the debt buyers to prove that a valid debt existed, that the debt buyer actually owned the debt and that the balance of debt was accurate. Often times collection lawsuits brought by debt buyers have many consumers violations that the consumer can counter claim or bring separate actions in Federal court or leverage for a dismissal of the collection claim. 

For more information on a DIY (do it yourself ) defense against debt in collection litigation visit my other website ...

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